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Community Workshops: Massage Tysons Corner Va

American Massage and Bodywork Institute offers community massage courses. These open classes have been designed for people who would like to increase their knowledge of massage therapy. While our community courses are introductory in nature, you can utilize many of these newly acquired skills with your friends and loved ones immediately. Massage classes are held on our beautiful Northern Virginia campus, in Vienna, Va — near Tysons Corner Va — just a short drive from the Washington DC metro area.

Please check the calendar of events to see what upcoming classes are being offered for the general public.

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Couples Massage Workshops

In this four-hour workshop, you will learn how to use many basic massage techniques to help your loved ones. Learn how to use the different body tools in your arms using your body weight to better ease tension in your partner’s neck, back, legs, hips, and feet while not tiring out quickly. About This Couples How to Massage…

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Basic Massage Techniques / Self-Massage Workshop

In this course, you will learn how to use specialized tools and everyday objects to relieve tight muscles, spasms, and chronic pain in between your massage, physical therapy, or chiropractic sessions. This course will teach you how to develop better body awareness through palpation and basic massage techniques you can utilize on a daily basis.…

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Seated Massage for the Community

A great way to help loved ones relax is through loving touch. From a focused hand massage to a gentle head, neck, and shoulder rub, massage while seated is a quick and easy way to reduce the stress of family and friends. Several different basic techniques along with a routine will be demonstrated. There will…

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Working with the Elderly

As we age, our activity level can drop severely. Muscles and joints no longer have the range of motion they once did, skin is much more prone to bruising and tearing, and our bodies ache due to the decades of wear and tear.  For some of us, this all becomes so overwhelming.  This course will…

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