Providing An Elite Massage Education

The American Massage & Bodywork Institute was founded to address a growing, nationwide concern: as Americans are becoming more health-conscious and receiving regular massage therapy, how do we meet the needs of the public at large in inviting and training qualified individuals to enter the profession as massage therapists.

The programs at AMBI are designed for individuals who seek to help others through the power of meaningful touch. We guide individuals to achieve a meaningful career in the massage therapy profession. As massage therapy continues to grow in demand, many other professionals are also adding massage therapy to their chosen field.

With this in mind, AMBI is committed to being a change leader in the training of new therapists, providing continuing education to existing therapists, and working with the public to increase awareness of the benefits of massage therapy. AMBI is dedicated in their desire to provide a meaningful introduction to the massage therapy profession as well as to assist our graduates in finding meaningful employment upon the successful completion of our program.

On behalf of our staff, we welcome you to the American Massage & Bodywork Institute.