A Career Helping Others

The American Massage & Bodywork Institute offers educational opportunities to individuals interested in massage as a career. AMBI students, alumni and faculty are active in the community, promoting the benefits of massage therapy, for the reduction of pain and stress—as well as overall health and wellness.

Top Class Instruction

AMBI provides an elite introduction and education in massage to individuals seeking top class education to help others feel better through the power of touch. Our school also offers continuing education opportunities to licensed massage therapists wishing to expand their education and improve their skill-set.

An Ideal Environment

We provide a safe, nurturing environment so that each of our new massage therapists can build a strong foundation. Our goal is to give each student the opportunity to thrive and maintain their professional careers. AMBI always stays current on new developments in this ever-changing industry.

Faculty & Staff

The faculty and staff at the American Massage & Bodywork Institute shares the same vision: to enhance the student experience, and to provide the most talented and work-ready therapists in the country.  We strive to provide an elite education to individuals with a great interest in helping others feel better through the power of meaningful touch.

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Providing An Elite Massage Education The American Massage & Bodywork Institute was founded to address a growing, nationwide concern: as Americans are becoming more health-conscious and receiving regular massage therapy, how do we meet the needs of the public at large in inviting and training qualified individuals to enter the profession as massage therapists. The…

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Location: American Massage and Bodywork Institute — Massage Training School

Our Campus Our Location: 1593 Spring Hill Road, Suite 210, Vienna, VA Our campus is organized to provide an environment conducive to learning for students at our massage training school. We provide our students with the best education in the field of therapeutic massage. We invite you to tour our school classrooms and visit with our…

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Student Life

Information about the student culture and the style of teaching, the approach to student education, the way that teachers interact, the amount of studying expected, the type of students there.

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